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Pedal Go Carts from Dino Cars

Three Legged Cross Garden Centre is proud to present the superb range of Pedal Go Carts and accessories from Dino Cars.

Every Dino Cars Pedal Go Cart is manufactured in Germany using high quality materials.

All Dino Cars Pedal Go Carts are CE and TUV GS standard and carry a 5 year frame warranty.

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CE and TUV Certificates

Principally, all Dino Cars Pedal Go Carts boast a full floating axle, a closed chain case, plastic fenders with reflectors, a parking brake, light running tyres on steel or plastic rims with ball bearings and a trailer coupling.

All Dino Cars Pedal Go Carts except the Dino Buggy and the Dino Baby are equipped with different types of freewheel units (freewheel means that the pedals are standing still when they are not powered).

With pedal go carts to suit all ages, a good range of accessories, and buckets of street cred, these are the machines for the discerning rebel in all of us. So get out from behind that PC, have a break from 'Neighbours' and get cruisin'.

Pedal Go Carts, The Dino Cars Range.


Dino Cars Pedal Go Carts also come with a full and comprehensive range of Accessories.

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